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Avocado Bacon

Medium sized oval shaped fruit with a smooth thin green skin. Easy to peel with a medium to large seed. Yellow-green flesh of a light flavour. The skin remains green though darkens slightly when ripe.

Habit - Avocado tree forms a thick canopy giving dense shade with it's large, dark green, leathery leaves.

Size - 5m x 4m

Pollination - Light yellow/green flowers appear in abundance on the end of the branches in spring. This flower has both female and male parts. The female part opens for only one morning and then closes only to open the following afternoon as male. Hence cross pollination of two varieties helps in the warmer climates. In the cooler climates opening and closing of the flower tends to overlap therefore making them more self-fertile. Bees and flies are the pollinators. Cross pollination will improve fruit set.

Harvest - Mid-winter variety. Harvest from late autumn to early spring.

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