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Rosmarinus officinalis
Varieties to choose from
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Lamb Roast
Rambling Rosemary
Roman Beauty

Bushy evergreen perennial originated from the Mediterranean. Botanical name means 'dew of the sea'. Wonderful herb that is also very ornamental.

Landscape Value

An upright evergreen shrub that provides structure to your garden. Plant where it is easily accessible to the kitchen. Or along a path where you can rub your hands over the plants and inhale the aromatic scent.

Nutritional Value

Rosemary oil has been used for a wide range of ailments including indigestion, depression, muscle spasms, headaches and nightmares.

How to Eat

Compliments Lamb Roast as well as other red meats, fish, shellfish and chicken. Adds flavour to potatoes and other vegetables and tomato based dishes.



Plant in a sunny location.


Wind tolerate.


Salt tolerate.


Will tolerate dry conditions. Good air circulation is preferred. Requires very little moisture once established and is quite happy growing in a container.


pH of 6.5 to 7 is ideal. Mulching is not recommended as this can increase fungal diseases. Good drainage is preferred.


Feed annually in spring with an all-purpose fertiliser.


Prune after flowering to maintain dense habit.


Good air circulation will keep an fungal problems at bay.


Tough resilient herb that will handle very little attention, not an attention seeker.

Special Conditions

Loved by the Bees - great companion plant.


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