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Creeping Saltbush

Rhagodia spinescens
Varieties to choose from
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Native to Australia. Compact and hardy shrub with attractive silvery blue foliage. Cream coloured flowers appear in spring followed by insignificant small dark red berries.

Landscape Value

Plant where it is easily accessible to the kitchen or as a border along a path. Can be planted as a mass planting forming a dense ground cover. Or is equally used as individual plants under trees, along borders and in rockeries. Can be pruned to form an informal low hedge. Has been regarded to be a fire retardant plant.

How to Eat

Saltbush leaves are fleshy with a salty herbal flavour. Use fresh in salads or as a bed for roasting meats, perfect for lamb and fish. Dried leaves can be used as a seasoning and if ground can be a substitute for salt.

Expected Yield

All year round



Prefers full sun to part shade.






Is drought tolerant. Mulching will help to conserve mositure.


Prefers a mosit well drained soil. It will grow in a wide range of soils.


Annual application of an all-purpose fertiliser in spring. Generally low maintainence.


Annual prune will keep the plant more compact if required.



Special Conditions


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