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Bay Tree

Laurus nobilis
Varieties to choose from
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Originally from the Mediterranean region. The Greeks appreciated the medicinal properties of both leaves and fruit. Also used in Chinese Folklore. Likeness used in Heraldry on coins and flags.

Landscape Value

In herb gardens, in pots, as hedges and for topiary. Evergreen tree.

Nutritional Value

Leaves used in dishes such as soups and stews or with fish. Both leaves and berries contain essential fatty acids, anti oxidants and can be used as analgesics and anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsant.

How to Eat

Traditionally used in bouquet garni to flavour soups and stews. Remove before serving. Remove a branch, hang to dry and store leaves in a dark sealed container.

Expected Yield

All the leaves can be used.



Will grow in partial shade or full sun.


Protect for the first 2 or 3 years.


Frost Hardy.


Well drained fertile soils.


Some general fertiliser maybe needed with potted plants.


Enjoys being clipped to shape or control the size of the plant.


Sooty mould can be a problem if plant is not watered in dry weather. Some caterpillars enjoy a nibble now and again.



Special Conditions


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