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Boysenberry Brulee

Boysenberry Mapua
Varieties to choose from
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Barrel of Berries

In proper botanical language, it is not a berry at all, but instead an aggregate fruit of numerous drupelets around a central core. It typically grows in forest clearings or fields, particularly where fire or wood-cutting has produced open space by this opportunistic colonizer of disturbed soil. The raspberry like flower can be a major nectar source for honeybees. As a cultivated plant in moist temperature regions, it is easy to grow. This hybrid berry (also known as brambles) is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

Landscape Value

Train on a trellis to support fruit. Alternatively train like a pillar-rose.

Nutritional Value

High in antioxidants and rich in Vitamin C.

How to Eat

Fresh, fresh and fresh in Gran



Full sun.


Does not tolerate wind & salty marine conditions.


Performs well in both warm and cool climates. Is frost tolerant as they become dormant.


Boysenberries prefer a slightly acidic soil and free draining. Mulch well to ensure the root systems remain moist during the growing season.


An application of general fertiliser in spring with compost mulch is all that is required. Too much nitrogen will encourage leaf production instead of flowers.


Prune in winter to remove all canes that have fruited and all damaged and weak canes. Remove canes to the base, any fully thorny canes should be cut off as low to the ground as possible. Tie up young trailing canes to a trellis system, they will fruit in the second year. Remove tips so canes do not become too long and encourage fruiting laterals.


Good hygiene and not growing plants in wet soils will keep many diseases at bay. Bird netting may be needed. A spring spray at bud burst for insectfestation and regular sprays will ensure fruit are pest free.



Special Conditions

Cold weather at flowering will result in poor pollination and therefore small fruit.


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